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Dr Michaels' texted me the evening after my appointment to see how I was feeling. (It is normal for him to follow up like that after certain procedures.) I told him I was feeling some slight discomfort and was worried that things might get worse. He set up an appointment for me for the next day, which was the Wednesday before the Thanksgiving holidays. (He met me at his practice even though it was closed that day.) He knew that I would be stuck until the following week if things got worse. He not only remedied the situation but even did a little extra.
In general, I trust Dr Michaels' expertise and straightforward communication.

Rudy S.

Very professional care and courtesy. Recommend MidCity Dentistry to everyone needing dentistry care.

Herschel J.

The dentist was great. He explained everything to me on what was wrong with my teeth.

Kenneth C.

Best dentist and crew in Atlanta!

Leslie J.

I absolutely love MidCity Dentistry! Whether it is a general cleaning or a more involved visit/procedure I have received quality care in each and every visit and I have been going here for years. But it’s not just the quality dental care that keeps me going back. The people are great as well. From interacting with Mercury at the desk to Debbie in the chair to Dr. Michaels himself, I’ve also felt they truly want to take care of me. Great service all around.

Quince W.

Before moving to Atlanta, I was terrified of the dentist. I had never really had a good experience with one and so I avoided the regular checkups, cleanings, etc...
On Jan. 5th, I developed an excruciating pain in one of my teeth. I immediately went home and to my dentist and found out that I needed a root canal. The dentist I was seeing admitted that he had not done a root canal before, but he could probably do it. I said "No way" and started searching for dentists near Atlanta. I quickly came across Mid City Dentistry and noticed the incredible reviews on every forum and decided I would go and get my root canal (which needed to be done ASAP) at Mid City Dentistry. As soon as I called, I could tell why the reviews were so good. Mercury was able to put me at ease after I explained to her how nervous I was about the procedure. I felt confident about the procedure after the phone call. When I went in and met Joscelyne, I could tell that I was in the right hands. She explained the entire procedure to me and was very patient with me despite my many questions. After meeting Dr. Michaels, I realized just how much the dentist can affect the patient's experience. Dr. Michaels again reiterated that the procedure would be fine. He told me how experienced he was with the root canal procedure and made me feel comfortable and right at home. Pretty soon, I was numbed up and watching "I Am Legend" while the procedure was being done. I felt absolutely no pain during the procedure and was comfortable the entire time.
In all of my follow-up visits, I have been treated with the exact same professional care. I have also noticed that they know most of their patients by name and always greet them when they come in. They also always offer a water or a juice.
For the first time, I feel very comfortable going to see the dentist. I am no longer terrified of dental procedures. I know that when I walk into Mid City Dentistry that I am going to be treated well and that whatever I am having done will be done right.
I appreciate Dr. Michaels, and his staff, for providing me with the highest level of professional care.

Micah G.

Excellent Dentist, with a friendly and dedicated staff- I have referred most of my family to Dr. Michaels and everyone appreciates his wide expertise, his friendly manner, and his obvious care for his patients. He always explains everything clearly and patiently. The office is intimate with a modern feel in the heart of midtown.

David R.

The staff was AMAZING! Everyone was so nice and professional. At first I was nervous but the dentist that cleaned my teeth made me feel so comfortable! I will definitely be coming here from now on! Thank you so much to the staff at MidCity Dentistry!

Debbie B.

I have been living in Atlanta for over 7 years now but have continued to go to my dentist at home in San Antonio on the holidays. I was convinced that I wasn't going to find another dentist as nice, educated, and have as friendly of a staff. I WAS WRONG! I have found the best dentitst.
Dr. George Micheals DDS dental office offers quality dental treatment with an extremely warm and inviting atmoshphere, where I'm sure all his patients know they are receiving the highest quality care. Before he does anything Dr. Micheals explains everything and shows you the tools he is going to use and how these tools will assist him. Then when he's in your mouth he explaining step by step what he is doing. It doesn't stop there....when I was finish Mercery (she works the front desk) had a print out of everything I had had done, she explained everything and had a copy for me to keep for my records. She also had a print out of what my insurance will cover and what to expect once she submits the claim. She also gave me an idea of what to expect on my next visit (next week).
The only thing is the parking is not the best since its downtown. I parked right next to the office at a meter and when I said I was going to walk out to put a couple more quarters in the meter and two of his staff members volunteered to do it for me. WOW! Thats was really nice I thought.
Great place and definitely worth checking out if your in the market for a new dentist.

Cloe G.

I only came here because I desperately wanted my gums scraped by the guy from Wham!, but I guess I read wrong. Wonderfully wrong! Serendipitously wrong! Everyone I've dealt with here, receptionists, hygienists and all, are five-Star People.
The entire experience of being a patient at Midcity is, in a word, Flawless. I had resigned myself to think that dentistry was just commodity Monkey business with which I couldn't really be happy and all providers would perform about the same, so I hadn't had my teeth looked at since Last Christmas. I decided I should give it One More Try, and my first experience was Amazing; I had a cavity or two, but he went Hand to Mouth and filled those Bad Boys in no time. I am normally irritated at Father Figure-types who assume the patient knows nothing, but he calmly and respectfully, like Jesus to a Child, showed the worn spots on my gums that demonstrated my incorrect flossing technique. Dr. Michaels is able to show the Patience of an Older gentleman, but he's always interested in excited about his patients' lives.
Many dentists aren't able to allay their fearful patients, but this office is certainly An Easier Affair, with restrained modern palette, bright but muted lighting, and especially soothing music (nothing Too Funky) to help Heal the Pain. It feels so Safe here that I have fallen asleep during procedures. Like a Baby.
Understand: this office isn't in-network with any dental insurance, but they always promptly deal with my insurance as an out-of-network provider, and charge a fair rate for costs that go beyond it. After all, nothing is Free. Also, they're not open on Fridays, but that's not The Strangest Thing -- I'd take off every Friday if my profession allowed!
If you're looking for a dentist Round Here, I highly suggest this office. You just gotta have Faith.


Can’t say enough about Dr. Michaels and his absolute wonderful team (Mercury, Debbie, and Jocelyn). They are the best in Atlanta. My husband and I have been their patients for over 20 years. We’re moving out of state and we’re going to miss them so very much!!!

Melinda W.

I love this place! They are so thorough, caring, & professional. It almost feels like family 🙂. I actually enjoy going to the dentist now!

Holly W.

I've been going to MidCity Dentistry for years and I've only ever had incredibly positive experiences. Dr Michaels and the entire staff are amazing!!

Don M.

Been here 10 years and I've always been treated kindly and professionally.

John R.

Dr. Michaels and his staff are absolutely fantastic. I appreciate that he takes the time to explain procedures and why he is making the recommendations that he is, in easy to understand language ( not like I'm a 10 year old, but like I'm not a dental professional and need these things explained to me in plain English). He even opened his office on his holiday because I was having an issue that needed to be fixed before I left for my Thanksgiving vacation. Really loved this experience- hands down the best dental experience I've had in my life ( and my father, uncle, aunt, and godfather are all dentists, so that is saying something)- sorry Dad!

Portia B.

Dr. Michaels and the staff take great care of patients taking time and interest in their patients. They make you feel like you're visiting friends which makes trips to the dentist something to look forward to.

Laura H.

I love Dr. Michaels and his staff. They're always warm and welcoming and do a great job of keeping my teeth in good shape.

Frank M.

Our Family loves Mid City Dentistry. They have treated three generations of our family and have always been kind and compassionate.

Janet O.

Everyone at this practice is personable and knowledgeable. I always receive very thorough and top notch dental care when I come to this practice.

Aaron S.

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